Travel day, day 1 for Shamattawa Team

After a short prayer time at the church in Fergus Falls, we left for Canada, but not before a wonderful send off from family and friends. The trip across our northern border went without a hitch. Just a few questions and we were off to Winnipeg. Shortly after the border at a rest area, we ran into two teams from the St. Louis area heading to Lynn Lake and Brochet. These two teams have been in the same place at the same time as us a few times in the past. If it were not for Lori wanting to stop at the rest area, we would have missed them for sure. 

Dave, and 3 future missionaries!

From left, Lori and Leon Dawkins, McKenna Erickson, and Dave Schneeberger

North of the border (first time for McKenna)

Our friends from St. Louis, heading to Brochet, and Lynn Lake.

After hitting the big city, we headed for the hospital to see our friend Cornelious Redhead from Shamattawa, who is in the hospital there. After a short visit, we headed to Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church where we stay for the night. Phyllis, one of the members there, made a great meal for us, and left food for breakfast tomorrow morning.  We will leave tomorrow (Friday) for the airport to catch our flight to Shamatta early in the afternoon. We are thankful for safe travel today, and we look forward to a great week in the north with our Shamattawa family.