Team Shamattawa 2019 Heading into “The North” Read all about it right here.

2019 marks eleven years of traveling north into Manitoba for our teams from Trinity Lutheran Church in Fergus Falls. As I write this it is Wednesday evening 17 July, 2019. I will be posting to this blog site for the next 10 days provided that we have internet available where we stop along the way, or where we stay while in Shamattawa.  This year, the Shamattawa team, Myself,  Leon Dawkins, wife Lori Dawkins, Dave Schneeberger, and our newest team member McKenna Erickson, will be driving to Winnipeg Manitoba then flying out to Shamattawa on Friday. We also hope to have photos posted to this blog as we go day by day. With the help of Laura Dewey, our church secretary, we will share pictures of our experiences sharing the Gospel of Jesus with our family in Shamattawa. Please pray for safety in travel, for open ears of the children and adults to hear God’s word. Thank You for supporting God’s mission in northern Manitoba. It is certainly our privilege to participate.

More Later,

Leon Dawkins

Heading North 2019

2018 Jesus Loves the little children!

Norway House Team 2018