Monthly Missionary Moment for March 2018

LCMS Missionaries Show God’s Love to Children in Peru

“You can’t fix everything. A lot of the situations you see…you want to help them all,” says LCMS missionary Rev. Eddie Hosch of the people living amid poverty and other hardships in Lima, Peru. What’s really important, he adds, is “to remind them that they are valuable in God’s eyes. They can always know that God is with them and that Jesus died for them.” That message has been embraced by many of the children who receive food for both body and soul from three Lutheran ministries that operate in this city as Castillo Fuerte: Casa de Misericordia, or Mighty Fortress: House of Mercy. Each provides after-school care, tutoring and meals along with opportunities to study the Bible and take part in worship. Four young ladies who were taught the faith at Castillo Fuerte in La Victoria were confirmed Nov. 4, along with two adults. Among the confirmands were Fernando and his two daughters, Victoria and Naomi, who sparked their father’s interest in Christianity. When he saw them reading the Bible and learning about Jesus, he, too, “wanted to learn more about the Gospel,” he said. Hosch notes that the ministries that are making a difference on the streets of Peru are “centered on the Word of God. “We have joy and freedom because we have the Gospel of Jesus Christ,” he explains, and “because we have the Gospel, we provide more than just help. We provide love in Christ, just as He has loved us.”                                     

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LAMP Planning Meetings

The first 2018 LAMP trip planning meeting is scheduled for Sunday, March 25th at 7:00 pm at the church. Other planning meetings are scheduled for April 22, May 20 and June 4.

Jastrams to Japan Newsletters

Reverend Dan Jastram, and his wife, Joan, are sponsored missionaries for Trinity Lutheran Church. Dan is the son of our long-time congregational member, Phyllis Jastram, and her late husband, Reverend Robert Jastram. Enjoy the Jastram’s interesting newsletters summarizing their mission work in northern Asia, based in Tokyo, Japan!

Rev. Jastram and Joan compile and, with the help of Trinity, distribute newsletters. These are also available for download below:

2017 December Jastrams to Japan newsletter

2017 November Jastrams to Japan Newsletter

2017 September-October Jastrams to Japan Newsletter

2017 July- August  Jastrams to Japan Newsletter

 2017 January - February Jastrams to Japan Newsletter