Monthly Missionary Moment for November 2018

Rev. Dr. Daniel & Joan Jastram

Please pray for the Rev. Dr. Jastram this week as he attends the GKLI (Indonesian Evangelical Lutheran Church), which is an emerging partner church that we have been nurturing for a number of years now. Dan will be giving two presentation to over 200 Indonesian pastors and church leaders, the topic of which is Lutheran identity. If you would like to read a very interesting story about the work there, check out this article: https://engage.lcms.org/indonesia-fall-2018/ 
Thank you for your generous, faithful support of LCMS-Asia mission work!

Monthly Missionary Moment for October 2018

Trinity Supporting Deaconess Kim Bueltmann as our Together In Mission (TIM) Missionary

Kim is ministering to refugees in Leopzig, Germany, as well as the local people in the area. Offerings received in our Together in Mission envelopes, as well as fundraising efforts by the Global Outreach Board are sent to Kim semi-annually to support her work for the Lord in Germany. We’ve received a thank you and update from Kim regarding her work, which can be found in its entirety HERE.

Excerpts from the letter: Thank you so much for your partnership in the Gospel and ongoing support so refugees can hear of the refuge we have in Christ!” Greetings from Germany! I have been taking on more responsibility with the regular activities at Die Bruck and in the church. The Farsi worship services had not had any musical accompaniment; I worked on learning many of their songs, so that I can lead the music during worship. That has been fun, and it is helping me learn the Farsi language, too! Besides the worship for refugees here in Leipzig, we travel to two other cities, Chemnitz and Borna, to have worship with refugees there. In Borna, we also visit a family from Iraq who used to be Muslim, but now would like to be baptized! Please continue to pray for me, for my pastor, and the rest of our team of volunteers, as well as for the refugees and Germans in our community who so desperately need to know the love of Christ!

Jastrams to Japan Newsletters

Reverend Dan Jastram, and his wife, Joan, are sponsored missionaries for Trinity Lutheran Church. Dan is the son of our long-time congregational member, Phyllis Jastram, and her late husband, Reverend Robert Jastram. Enjoy the Jastram’s interesting newsletters summarizing their mission work in northern Asia, based in Tokyo, Japan!

Rev. Jastram and Joan compile and, with the help of Trinity, distribute newsletters. These are also available for download below:

2018 September & October Jastrams to Japan Newsletter

2018 July-August Jastrams to Japan Newsletter

2018 June Jastrams to Japan Newsletter

2018 March & April Jastrams to Japan Newsletter

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