Jastrams to Japan Newsletters

Reverend Dan Jastram, and his wife, Joan, are sponsored missionaries for Trinity Lutheran Church. Dan is the son of our long-time congregational member, Phyllis Jastram, and her late husband, Reverend Robert Jastram. Enjoy the Jastram’s interesting newsletters summarizing their mission work in northern Asia, based in Tokyo, Japan!

Rev. Jastram and Joan compile and, with the help of Trinity, distribute newsletters. These are also available for download below:

2021 June Jastram Newsletter

May 2021 Jastram Newsletter

April 2021 Jastram Newsletter

January/Epiphany 2021 Jastram Newsletter

Advent/Christmas 2020 Jastram Newsletter

November 2020 Jastram Newsletter

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2020 April Jastram Newsletter

2020 February & March Jastram Newsletter

Monthly Missionary Moment

JUNE 2021

The Board of Global Outreach met with Ashley Lehr on May 17 to receive an update on her mission work in Puerto Rico. We enjoyed getting acquainted with Ashley and she answered our many questions. Ashley is preparing to return to Puerto Rico in July; pray for a smooth transition and bless her work for the Lord there! In Puerto Rico, Ashley connects, equips and organizes local and international volunteers for service to Christ both on and off the island. She also works to assist local communities by connecting them to fellowship, education and mercy activities and events. Support for Ashley can be sent through LCMS or Mission Central, Project #A10898-69467, 40718 Highway E16, Mapleton, IA 51034-7105