March 2019 Update from the LAMP Team

God’s mission outreach efforts in Shamattawa continued through four Trinity members who went on another winter trip to see the children and adults in that community.  Jessica Krog, Leon Dawkins, Shawn and Dave Schneeberger made the trip along with LAMP Pastor Pilot Dennis Ouellette to spend quality time in the Shamattawa school and community.

We had the opportunity to go into each classroom where we shared the Christmas story with the children and sang some songs with them.  We then gave them each a stocking cap knit with love by our men and women knitters along with a Christmas story book, a mini flashlight that said “Jesus is the Light and the Way” and also gave the younger children “All about Jesus” activity books.  We had the chance to share some time with the kids after school making Thank You’s and a poster for the RCMP officers in the community.

We held a social activity for the teachers, aides and hall monitors after school on another day serving them hors-de-ouvres and playing the saran ball game which was enjoyed immensely once again.  This was a fantastic opportunity to fellowship with them in an informal setting and to show our appreciation for what they do on a day in/day out basis.  They are extremely short of teachers and administration at this time which has made their situation very stressful and overwhelming at times leading to a great prayer need for assistance in hiring qualified individuals to fill these positions.

Overall the trip was tremendously beneficial as we were able to touch the lives of the 188 students in Nursery through Senior high who were in school during the days we were there and reached even more with the books and flashlights we left for the kids who were not in school during those days.  We also feel we continued to strengthen our relationships with the adults in the community while we stayed in the school, did our shopping at the Northern Store and the time we spent with them while we were in Shamattawa.  It was wonderful to see the kids, teachers, aides and other people in the community – to see their smiling faces, feel their hugs and spend quality time with them in and out of the classroom.

Our ability to have the opportunity to continue this mission and outreach is immeasurable with the seeds we plant each time we come in contact with the children and adults in the Shamattawa community.  Thanks to the members of Trinity Lutheran Church and School for your prayer and financial support as well as your knitting efforts in making this mission possible.

To God be the glory!!

Monthly Missionary Moment for December 2018

An Update from Deaconess Kim Bueltmann~ Trinity's Together in Missions Missionary

Many who fled to Germany seeking refuge are currently facing court hearings to determine their status with the German government. Unfortunately, many are getting negative answers, leaving them subject to deportation. As we share the light of Christ with refugees in Germany, we pray they find comfort in knowing the future they have through Him. We can’t promise them a German passport or even a residency card, but we can offer them the guarantee of an eternal residence with Christ in heaven. 

A complete copy of Kim’s November 2018 newsletter is available in the Kiosk in the Narthex or is available to download HERE. Please continue to pray for Kim as she serves the Lord in Germany.

Monthly Missionary Moment for November 2018

Rev. Dr. Daniel & Joan Jastram

Please pray for the Rev. Dr. Jastram this week as he attends the GKLI (Indonesian Evangelical Lutheran Church), which is an emerging partner church that we have been nurturing for a number of years now. Dan will be giving two presentation to over 200 Indonesian pastors and church leaders, the topic of which is Lutheran identity. If you would like to read a very interesting story about the work there, check out this article: https://engage.lcms.org/indonesia-fall-2018/ 
Thank you for your generous, faithful support of LCMS-Asia mission work!

Jastrams to Japan Newsletters

Reverend Dan Jastram, and his wife, Joan, are sponsored missionaries for Trinity Lutheran Church. Dan is the son of our long-time congregational member, Phyllis Jastram, and her late husband, Reverend Robert Jastram. Enjoy the Jastram’s interesting newsletters summarizing their mission work in northern Asia, based in Tokyo, Japan!

Rev. Jastram and Joan compile and, with the help of Trinity, distribute newsletters. These are also available for download below:

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