Monthly Missionary Moment

MAY 2022

From Rev. Dr. Dan and Joan Jastram’s April newsletter, Serving the Lord in Asia: Prayer and Praise: for the transition of our LCMS worship site at Yokohama to a new site near the central part of Tokyo; for the two Taiwanese students attending LCMS Tokyo worship; for the cultural and family challenges of Japanese Christians confronting Buddhist death and funeral rites, that their confession and conscience might remain clean and true; for Japanese Lutheran pastors’ faithfulness to Scripture and the Lutheran Confessions in the midst of their various challenges; for the start of new translation work on Walther’s Church and Ministry; for arrangements of a proofreader for completed translation work.


MARCH 2022

Agricultural Consultancy Team in Kenya! — Delano and Linda Meyer, Ag Consultancy Missionaries to Africa, have been invited to serve with the Evangelical Church of Kenya in the Pokot region of northwestern Kenya. This is a return trip, as a number of years ago, Delano and Linda taught agricultural practices at the Kapenguria Bible College and in area villages there. They left on January 20 and plan to return on March 9, God willing. The Pokot are traditionally herders and move with their cattle, goats and sheep to find good grazing. In times of drought, many animals die due to overgrazing where grasses have no time to regrow and cover the soil. Thus, the area has serious wind and water erosion problems. There are other people groups in the area as well, many being subsistence farmers living on small plots of land and doing all of their farming using a hoe and cutlass. They raise a variety of crops which are adapted to drier areas. Please pray that our Lord would guide our teaching in the locations where we are sent. Pray that through Bible Study and Christian training, He will help us address the real problems that challenge Christians in Africa. Only our Lord Jesus can free people who struggle in ignorance and doubt.


Jastrams to Japan Newsletters

Reverend Dan Jastram, and his wife, Joan, are sponsored missionaries for Trinity Lutheran Church. Dan is the son of our long-time congregational member, Phyllis Jastram, and her late husband, Reverend Robert Jastram. Enjoy the Jastram’s interesting newsletters summarizing their mission work in northern Asia, based in Tokyo, Japan!

Rev. Jastram and Joan compile and, with the help of Trinity, distribute newsletters. These are also available for download below:


2022 January Jastram Newsletter

2021 December Jastram Newsletter