Shamattawa Team- Saturday 7/16

Day 2
July 16, 2016

Up at the crack of dawn, the church ladies came at 5:30 to make breakfast for the four of us. A “FULL” breakfast it was. Eggs, bacon, potatoes, pancakes, sausage, juice, and Tim Horton’s coffee. We left Grand Rapids shortly after breakfast at about 7:00 AM. Drove as far as Ponton, a small junction café and gas station. After a quick stop there, we continued on to Thompson, arriving there by 10:45. A quick stop for lunch then to the airport. Unloading the car, checking in luggage and getting the parking permit for the car was next. The plane bound for Shamattawa left at 12:15. As I write this we are in the air, and will probably arrive about 1:30. Then on to getting settled in to our housing for the week.

Roy Miles was waiting at the airport for us in his truck, he took us around with him to look for a key for the teacherage and for the school as we still have no place to live just yet, or a place to hold the VBS. By 4:30  or so we were settled in to #16 and stated cleaning. Some went to the store to get a few supplies. A storm went through rained really hard and the wind was strong.

We prepared our lesson for the Sunday teaching day, then popcorn and devotions is our usual ritual until bedtime.

Shamattawa Team,

Leon,Lori,Dave, and Jessica