Team Shamattawa 2019 Saturday 7-20-19

Shamattawa Team Day 3 Saturday 7-20 (Now in Shamattawa)

Dave had pancakes and coffee going for us when we got up. Pancakes and eggs were the daily special at the Shamtown B&B. Dave did a McGiever  repair to our front door, as the screen was broken out. After breakfast we walked to the Band Office to see if we could get internet, but not open, and sitting outside would have worked if we just had the password. A short rainstorm came through, so we stuck tight to the downwind side of the Band Office to stay dry until it passed. Next off to the Northern Store for just a little shopping and socializing. It seems that the store is a great place to see many of the kids and/ or their parents to advertise for our Vacation Bible School, which will start tomorrow, Sunday afternoon. We met one of the store managers, who welcomed us and asked if she could do anything for us, which was nice to hear. Upon returning to our quarters, we had one of our VBS kids from years past show up on his bike, with his two dogs to visit. Lucas is going into 5th grade this fall and is just a very nice kid. Lori spent some time reading some Bible stories with him, Dave played a little bat and ball with him outside. After Lucas left, we had lunch. Dave, Lori, and McKenna went for a walk-a-bout as we call it, Leon stayed back to rest and write as I’m doing now.

Suppertime was next on the agenda. Leftover hotdish, “we’re from Minnesota don’t ya know” and we’re Lutheran. No red jello tonight though. After our evening meal we started the prep for Sunday’s lesson, which is “God Made The Universe” we discussed what parts of the curriculum we will use based on time and teaching staff. It was getting late, but after our evening devotion and prayer time, we finished out with popcorn and a movie.

More Tomorrow