Team Shamattawa Day 4 Sunday 7-21-19

It’s a sunny Sunday in Shamattawa. Dave had breakfast ready for us all once again. Around 9:30 we headed out. Dave to the Red Building to get set up. Lori Mckenna and myself to the school, about a mile walk to get on the wi-fi, as it’s our only source of connection to you, our prayer partners and supporters. The three of us made it back to #20 by about 11:30. Dave had lunch prepared for us already. We headed to the Red Building about 12:45, then planned to start on time at 1:00.

The kids started rolling in right away. Before long we had 73 registered. That’s a challenge for 4 people. We did have some help from 2 guys and one girl from the Menonite team that are in town to build the new Anglican church. The girl offered to come back Monday to help where she could, but the men needed to be back at the church building site. We closed out the day’s VBS by about 3:30, then back to #20 for supper. Leon made supper while the rest played ball outside with a few of the kids.

We also found out today, that our VBS location will not be available after Monday, so Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday will need to be outside on our back porch. This is certainly not ideal, but it’s all we will have. One more reminder that it’s not our plan, but gods plan.

Also found out that our Pastor Pilot Dennis Oulette will be stopping by Tuesday, and staying over ‘til Wednesday. He is probably with our Norway House teams tonight.

Supper is done now and we start to plan for lesson #2 Monday. The theme for this lesson is” God Chooses Abraham.

More Later,


4 Sunday 7-21

Shamattawa Team Day