Team Shamattawa Day 8

Shamattawa Team Day 8 Thursday 7-25-19

It’s Thursday morning just before noon. We had a light breakfast, oatmeal and /or cream of wheat. Coffee as usual. Yay! We had water coming out of the faucet right away this morning. They have the problem solved I guess, so it should remain on. After breakfast the four of us walked over to the Band Office to get hooked up to the internet. Spent about 45 min. there. Dave spent some time visiting with Sandy, one of the Band council members. Now that we have made all our connections etc. we are back at “old #20” our living quarters. Dave is working on French toast for our lunch. Today will be clean out the fridge day for our food. Tomorrow we leave for Winnipeg so we will use up what leftovers we have.

Our Vacation Bible School starts at 1:00 again today weather permitting. Yes, we are still outside! This is our last teaching day here in Shamattawa, so we pray for no rain this afternoon.  The lesson today is about the ascension of Jesus and his return when he will take all believers to heaven to live with him for eternity. Our craft for the day also shows Jesus ascending up into Heaven.

Had only about 30 kids today, but all were very attentive. Many of those today got perfect attendance for being here each day. The older ones got a New Testament Bible to take home. We did get a bit of rain just as we closed out the afternoon, but it waited for us to finish. We once again had assistance from Angalina, the wife of one of the Menonite carpenters that came to build the new church. This church, the Anglican Church was destroyed by fire about two years ago.

It’s now 8:00 PM. We have started packing things up for our trip out of the community tomorrow. Cleaning out the fridge, and packing out cooking equipment and supplies. Flight out is 2;15 PM on Friday.

More Later!