Team Shamattawa Day 7 Wednesday 7-24-19

Shamattawa Team, Day 7 Wednesday 7-24

Up early at around 7:00. Pastor pilot Dennis slept in the plane last night, but showed up for breakfast. Dennis and Nick stayed for breakfast, then off to the Band Office to use the internet for phone service. He filed a flight plan for the trip back to Sioux Lookout. They flew out at 9:00.  One stop for fuel on the way at Island Lake, then on to Sioux Lookout.  Our day today will consist of lesson planning, lunch, then Vacation Bible School from 1-3 this afternoon. Weather has been good, but flies have been plentiful.

Today’s lesson was “Jesus Saves”. Jesus came into this word to die on the cross just for us, to save us from our sins. Only about 35 kids today, but thankful for that. Its 4:00 PM now, still no water coming out of the faucet since around midnight last evening. We have water to drink from bottles, and some saved up for utility use like washing dishes and flushing, but it is only an inconvenience.

More Later, Leon