Team Shamattawa Monday Day 5

Shamattawa Team Teaching  Day 2 Monday 7-22

Woke up early today, no sun in the sky, but YES! We have water coming out of the faucet. It came on around 6:30 this morning. So we were able to shower today, even with hot water. McKenna and Leon went to the front steps of the Band Office to use the Wi-Fi, Dave and Lori met us there to take supplies to the Red Building for today’s VBS. We then went to the store to pickup needed food supplies for Pastor Dennis and his traveling guest. They will probably be eating with us for supper, then staying the evening before flying back to Sioux Lookout on Thursday.

While checking our messages and e-mails this morning at the front door at the Band Office, we met George (not his real name), an adult just walking past, asking what we were doing here. We were able to share the gospel with him, answer some question about the Bible, and give him a Portals of Prayer, a small New Testament, and one of our Picture Story Bibles. We prayed with him and assured him of his salvation if only he believes in Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. We told him that we all have sinned, but all are forgiven, if we repent of that sin in our lives. We hope to see him again this week before we leave the community. God placed us in that place for a reason. Once again, I am reminded of 1 Peter 3:15. Look it up for yourself, ponder it, and commit it to memory.

Today for Vacation Bible School we had 62 children and a few adults. We had help from Angelina, one of the Menonite girls that is in the community to help build the church that replaces the Anglican Church which burned about a year ago. We had technical meltdown with the CPH Video for the Miraculous Mission songs and video, so I ran to get my guitar to provide music. We may be using guitar the next three days as well because our teaching will be done outside. The community has taken back the Red Building for an election to be held from 10-3 Tuesday. Then a crisis workshop Wednesday and Thursday.

It’s now 5:30 PM Monday, we are back home, resting and preparing for Tuesday VBS, and working on supper. We will try to post this tonight or Tuesday morning, and hopefully have more photos once we have photo release signed at Band Office.