Team Shamattawa Day 9 Travel Day

Shamattawa Team Day 9 Friday 7-26

It’s pretty quiet in Shamattawa this morning. We had a thunderstorm later in the evening, lasting into the early morning hours. Just Dave and I are up. Somehow, the girls, Lori and McKenna must think they have the day off or something. It’s way past 7:00, but even though we are finished with the Bible School classes for the week, we still have things to do and people to see. This morning we will be packing up our own bags etc. We need to secure a ride to the airport. It’s only a ¼ mile or so, but we have plenty to carry. It would take more than one trip for sure. Lori, McKenna and Dave made the rounds this morning to deliver some thank you cards to a couple people that helped us this week. This walk-a-bout town also included a visit to the new church building site. They were able to line up a ride to the airport for us and our luggage. The plane to Winnipeg was a little late, but we were in the air by 2:15 or a little later. The flight is about 90 minutes.

This year’s stay in Shamattawa has been very good from the standpoint of making more adult friends in the community. More than ever, we have a good relationship with the Chief, as well as the council members of the Band. Our flight is at 2:15 I believe, but we need to weigh in all of our bags a bit ahead of time. It’s bittersweet leaving this community and going back home, because become attached to our young and old friends alike here in Shamattawa.

Once we arrive in Winnipeg this afternoon, we probably will explore the city for a bit, eat supper somewhere, then to Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church to stay for the night. Saturday, we plan to check out more of Winnipeg while we wait for the Norway House teams to join us in the early evening for supper and debriefing. Our sharing time as we come back from the week is always interesting. We all have stories to share, and we love to hear others experiences as well.

I’ll sign off for now, Thanks for following our blog as we travel to the North!