Shamattawa Team Saturday 7-23-16

Last evening we stayed

Shamattawa Team Friday 7-21-1

Most of our group up and moving by 7:00 A.M. Finished packing up items for storage, had breakfast, eggs and cherry pancakes by Dave. Mary Ann Miles picked us up at 10:15 to get us to the church to store our supplies ‘till next year. This saves the freight costs of bring it back and forth each year. We then went back to the apartment to get our luggage. We got to the airport by 11:00, but our flight was delayed for two hours. So here we sit waiting for the plane to come from Winnipeg. Our car is in the long term lot in Thompson, so whenever we get there is fine. We have plans to stay at a church in Thompson tonight, then drive to Winnipeg Saturday after meeting up with the Norway House team. Both Shamattawa group and all the Norway House teams will then Stay in Winnipeg church Saturday evening, worship there on Sunday, then cross the border and head for home.

Good news! We made it to Thompson. Our plane from Shamattawa finally got in around 4:30. It was unloaded and fueled up now ready to go. We got on about 5:00 and into Thompson about 6:15. After getting the car from the long term parking, we headed into town to the church where we stay to meet out church hostess, Cheryl who gave us the key and got us set up with our floor space for sleeping tonight.

Next off to Boston Pizza, a local restaurant somewhat like Applebees. Food and service was great. Now at Mcdonald’s for coffee ice cream and internet. It’s nice to have that available. The internet connection was very hit and miss in Shamattawa, and only available to us at the Band Office, which was not open all the time.

Tonight we stay here in Thompson and in the early morning we head down the trail towards Winnipeg, stopping at Ponton to meet up with Norway House Teams midmorning.


Leon, Lori,Dave

at St. James Church in Thoh