Shamattawa Team Monday 7-18-16

5 Monday 7-18-16

Morning has arrived in Shamattawa now 7:00 A.M. and all is calm. Spent some time this morning organizing photos and journal information for the slide presentation. Breakfast is being prepared by Dave once again, thanks Dave!. After Breakfast, we went to the Band Office to check in with the Chief and the council. We then found that the Band Office was closed through Wednesday. Only one council member Rodrick Miles was in the office. He did allow us to use the internet access while we were there for about an hour. After he left we were still able to use the WiFi outside.

We returned to the teacherage for lunch, then started getting ready for the afternoon session of Vacation Bible School. Our Lesson today is about Jesus and Woman at the well. Dennis Ouellette , our Pastor Pilot flew into the community to check in with us. He stayed through the VBS time, then flew out back to Red Lake about 5:00. He needed to stop at Island Lake for fuel on the way, before going home to Red Lake. After Dennis left we stopped by the Northern Store for  few items before Supper. Kids coming again 7:00, so ate supper, then prepared for the evening.

Preteen Bible Study 11 girls and 2 boys. For the evening. After Bible Study, we went through our evening devotion and evening prayer, then to bed.IMG_4896