Shamattawa Team- Sunday 7/17

Day 3
July 17, 2016


Some rose early, like 6:30 AM. Others a little later. Breakfast was prepared by Dave. Eggs ,pancakes, and toast. A friend Howard Canabe who has had his children in our Vacation Bible School stopped by for a visit this morning. He now works for the Shamattawa Band doing city maintenance.  When 1:00 came we still had no place to hold our VBS, so we utilized the outdoors. Today we had 46 children in our class. We learned about who Jesus is, and the children followed along with a story of creation through Jesus ascension. We sang the song “Jesus Is Our SuperHero”, as well some of the children’s other favorites. Today we finished by 3:30, it had rained just a little during our teaching time, but not enough to spoil the class time. After our evening meal at 7:00 we had a preteen Bible study with about 4-5 boys and 8 girls, using a study guide about making proper choices in today’s world. When the kids were gone and it was quiet again, it was lesson prep time for Monday’s lesson. It’s now 11:45 PM and closing in on time to turn in for the night. Morning will come to us soon enough. It’s time to rest and sleep.

We are thankful for the many children who came today.

Leon, Lori, Dave, and Jessica