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Observing the Saints

 Have you noticed some unfamiliar feasts and festivals on the Church calendar lately? Recently at Trinity, we’ve begun to observe feasts and festivals that have fallen out of use by much of the Church on earth. These services include the Annunciation on March 25, the Visitation on July 2, and St. Michael and All Angels Day on September 29. In the coming month, on June 24, we will observe the Nativity of Saint John the Baptist. 

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Monday Night Church Softball Schedule

Monday night Church Softball games begin on May 14th. Head out to Delagoon Park to cheer on the Trinity Softball Team! Download the schedule by clicking on the link below or pick up a printed copy from the Kiosk at the church.  Monday Night Church Softball League Schedule

New Item in Children’s Bag

We are happy to announce that Trinity has added, “My First Hymnals,” to the children’s bags (located immediately outside the Sanctuary on a stand in the Narthex). It is our hope that these children’s hymnals will be a blessing to our youngest members. We invite parents and grandparents to familiarize themselves with the hymnal and assist children and grandchildren in learning portions of the Divine Service and the hymns that have been included in this condensed children’s hymnal.   

Divine Service: What Does This Mean?

   I have to be honest. It took me years to learn the difference between dinner, lunch and supper. Growing up, lunch was the noon meal and the evening meal was called either dinner or supper. In recent years I discovered the nuance (at least in Minnesota): dinner is historically the noon meal, supper is the evening meal, and lunch is a snack.    Now that I grasp the difference between dinner and supper, I

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Adopted Seminary Student (Update)

Our adopted seminary student, Berett Steffen, was placed as a Vicar of Our Savior Lutheran Church, Raleigh, North Carolina. Please remember him and his wife in your prayers as he sets out on this important part of this training to be a pastor.