Shamattawa Team

Hi to all! Leon, Lori, Dave, and Eric arrived safely in Thompson this evening. Our flight from Shamattawa left at around 6:00 P.M. arriving at Thompson just before 7:00. After we arrived, we headed to the church where two other LAMP teams are staying. We had a quick supper there before heading to our stay for the night. We  were greeted by Donna Picketts, the wife a a Baptist minister who graciously took us to her home where we will be spending the night. After settling in a bit, she joined us for our evening devotion and prayer. Our plan is to be out and on the road before 7:00 A.M. so we can meet up with the Norway House Teams by 9:00 at the Ponton intersection, a food and gas stop. Saturday will be an 8 hr drive to Winnipeg, where we will stop for the night.

We do apologize for the lack of postings this year. I promise to get a day by day post up with photos soon. Our connection to the internet in Shamttawa was almost non existent. We have many stories to share with you our prayer partners. We would like to report however, that our week in the North was a good one. We averaged about 70 children each day in our Vacation Bible School. We were even invited into a local home for supper, not once , but twice. After 10 years going into the North, we feel not only accepted by the children, but have made friends with many adults and parents of the children.

Please pray for safety in travel the next two days for both groups, Shamttawa and Norway House Teams. More news to come soon!

“FLY” Forever Loving You was our theme for the week. They flew their own planes!!!!