Shamattawa Team Day 10 7-27-19

Shamattawa Team Day 10 Saturday 7-21

The four of us on the Shamttawa team spent the night in the basement of Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church. Dave, Lori, Leon, and McKenna had not yet been joined by the Norway House group. We left the church this morning to explore the city of Winnipeg. Our first stop was Tim Hortons, a Canadian staple, well at least for coffee. We had been given a gift card from LAMP to use, and needed to be used before we left the country. That was breakfast!

Next stop was Lower Fort Gary, an old settlement on the Red River between Winnipeg and Lake Winnipeg. This is a museum type fort with people in costume and character. We spent most of the day learning of the history of this area.

Off to downtown Winnipeg to check out the original Hudson Bay Company store. Not the best shopping experience, but still a very historical building. Was fun to see it and imagine how it use to be in it’s hay day.

Back to the church to meet with the Norway House team as they return. Was about 8 hour day on the road for the four vehicles. As they rolled in each group came down immediately started claiming their spaces on the floor. Oh yes, the sound of the air bed pumps.

Soon, supper was prepared by the ladies of the church. A wonderful meal it was too! After supper we had time time for sharing and reflecting on this past week in our respective communities. We are in charge of the education hour here tomorrow, so we took some time to plan for that.

We finished out the evening with our daily devotion and prayer time. It’s now 9:30 and very quiet. Someone said lights out was at 10:00, so we will see!

God’s peace for your day!


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