Shamattawa- Day 8- Friday- 7/21/2017

Friday is our last day in Shamattawa. We will spend the morning still in the packing mode. We will lunch on what's left in the fridge. Most of the tubs needed to get into storage. We still have Vacation Bible School from 1:00-3:00 today. We were invited to Cornelius and Yolanda's house after VBS for a visit, but could not stay long, as we needed to get to the airport for our 5:00 flight. Got into Thompson at 6:19 P.M., loaded up the car and headed for the church(Anglican) for supper. We had supper prepared for us by the church ladies. We were joined by two teams from St. Louis Mo. who also just came in from week long VBS sessions in Brochet, and Lynn Lake. Both teams are staying in Thompson tonight, then traveling to Winnipeg Saturday, then home to St. Louis in the next two days. Currently at Mc Donalds in Thompson acsessing the internet. Heading out now for our sleeping arrangements for the night, which are at Burntwood Baptist church in Thompson.

Leon, Lori, Dave, Karma, and Eric.