Shamattawa- Day 6- Wednesday- 7/19/2017

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Lori and Farrah











Rose at 7:30 A.M. breakfast by Dave, French toast, green eggs and ham! All went to the store for groceries. Met Mark from MB Ministries at Winnipeg. Mark and Neena Huebert and children are part of a Mennonite ministry. They are doing reading and crafts at the school this week. After returning to the teacherage, Lori and Dave went to see Mary Ann Miles and also looking for access to the rec center building for a movie night that we would like to do this evening. While they were gone our friend Daniel Redhead, one of the community members stopped by for a visit. We usually see Daniel at least once while we are in the community. Next on the agenda was lunch, before starting the VBS. Vacation Bible School today ran from 1:00 -3:00. Once again it was held outside, but today it rained for the first ½ hour or so. Most of us got wet, so had to stop with the opening singing, and put the guitar away. The rest of the time it was just wet on the ground, but the rain had stopped. Lori, Dave, and Eric went to find Chief Jeff to get a form signed for photos of the kids. This evening, we have a movie night set up at the rec building 7:00 movie time. Popcorn will be provided for the kids attending.
Just returned back from the rec center for the movie. We watched a Veggie Tales movie, which did not go as well as we may have liked. Only a few of the kids stayed ‘till the end, some were ushered out early for not following the rules! This activity will not be tried again, anytime soon.
Lesson prep, devotion and to bed.

Leon, Lori, Dave, Karma and Eric