Shamattawa- Day 3- Sunday- 7/16/2017

Dave and Leon in the back of the plane!!!!

Up at 6:30, some of us at least. All had showers today, even had hot water. Instant Oatmeal and Cream of Wheat for breakfast. No groceries yet as the Northern Store not open yet. Lori, Dave, and Eric had gone to check out the store earlier to pick up necessary items. Will need to wait until Monday for more supplies. The whole team walked to the Anglican Church at 1:00 for church. No regular church service, but did have a prayer service in the Cree language. After that the 5 of us took a walk to the river where the kids swim in the summer. We were able to talk to many of our former Vacation Bible School students as well as a few we did not know. Also met with Silas Bonner, a young man who may be working with youth programs in the community. After leaving the river, we walked back to #5, our lodging unit, where we were joined by many of the kids. Some stayed around to play with Dave and Eric, then joined by Lori and Karma later. Supper at 5:30 was various freeze dried entrées. Movie night tonight as we try out our computer/DVD/projector combo before using it with the kids. We hit the hay by 11:45 P.M