Shamattawa- Day 10- Sunday- 7/23/2017

2017 LAMP Team at Beautiful Savior, Winnipeg


Pizza for All!











Both Norway House and Shamattawa teams together now at our host church, Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church in Winnipeg. Most were up and at it by 7:00 A.M. Dave Schneeberger satrted flipping pancakes early. Most were up and fed by 8:00. Now to pack up, pack the cars and trailer for the ride home. The teams attended Pastor Schnar's Bible study. The group is studying and discussing the contemporaries of Martin Luther, and how they affected the reformation. After the Bible study time Dave Schneeberger and Leon D. did a short presentation to those coming in to worship service early, as the Bible study in the basement was wrapping up. After worship, the teams spent some time visiting with many of the congregation members, telling them about our time up north. We all stopped for a quick lunch, then hit the road again, heading for the border. Most stopped before the border at the duty free shop for Canada souvenirs. Crossing into the US went without a hitch once again. We made it to Trinity in Fergus Falls after 5:00 close to schedule. Shawn Schneeberger, had pizza and soda waiting for us when we arrived. Thank You Shawn!!! Unpacking went well and most were heading home before 7:00. Thank You to all who came to welcome us home. Thank You! to all who support this mission opportunity in the "North" Praise God for safety in travel, and for opportunity to share the Gospel with our friends in Shamattawa and Norway House Manitoba.

Leon, on behalf of LAMP Teams to Norway House and Shamattawa