Missionary Moments:

**Prayer and praise from our missionaries Dan and Joan Jastram, serving the Lord in Japan/Asia:
*Prayer for fruitful home service visits August 15-September 21
*thanksgiving for wonderful headway on our translation project of Chemnitz Vol. 5 “Lord’s Supper,” now over 50% completed.
*Prayer for the future arrangements of a translation proofreader
*Thanksgiving for God’s blessings at our 3 worship sites: Shinjuko, Yokosuka, and Okinawa
*Prayer for friend and neighbor, Genji, that the Holy Spirit might work faith in his heart through his hearing of the Gospel.
**Lutheran Association of Missionaries and Pilots (LAMP) mission teams to Norway House and Shamattawa, Manitoba are finishing plans for departure in late July. This is the first summer trip since summer 2019.

Thank you for the financial support of these teams, as well as your prayer support for safety in travel and that the light of Christ will pierce the darkness as the Gospel is proclaimed to children and adults. We are thankful that God has called more volunteers to join our teams. To God be the glory!