Team Shamattawa Day 6 Tuesday 7-23

Shamattawa Team Day 6 Tuesday 7-23

It’s Tuesday our sixth day of the trip north. Today will be our 3rd day of teaching Vacation Bible School here in Shamattawa. Today we hold our VBS outside because our building, the Red Building, as it’s called is being used for an election today. Our teacherage unit “Old #20” has a rear cement patio that we can use as long as there is no rain today. Our Pastor pilot Dennis is planning to come for our VBS today and possibly to stay for the evening.

We had our water back on around midnight last evening, but no, it didn’t stay on. We have reserve drinking water, and have some also stored up for flushing. The pattern seems to be, on around 5:30 PM off around 8:00. This morning we finally got water from the faucet at 7:00 AM. So all was good!

Pastor Dennis and Nick a Pastor for Alberta came to visit around noon. We had lunch ready for them, then out back to start the VBS. We had a good day of teaching with the help of Dennis and Nick,  we also had help from Angelina, one of the Menonite ladies in the community  who came to build the Anglican Church. After VBS, Pator Dennis took Dave, Lori, and McKenna up for a quick trip in the Piper Lance plane, while Leon made supper. When they returned, we enjoyed our evening meal. Visiting followed before bedtime. Dennis and Nick are spending the night, then leaving very early on Wednesday morning for Sioux Lookout.