Update to Divine Service as of Sunday, May 31

May 27, 2020

Dear Fellow Redeemed at Trinity,

The Lord be with you.

It has been a trying time for all of us and a bit challenging to determine the best ways to provide care and nurture for the congregation gathered at Trinity.  Please determine which of the three following options is best for you.

Gathering in Person for Divine Service      

  1. Divine Service at 9:00 am Sunday. According to the Guidelines of 1/4 capacity this service will allow us to have 100 people in attendance.
  1. For Vulnerable/At Risk we are offering two smaller services (this is also for those who prefer not to attend larger gatherings):     Saturday at 6 pm
    Sunday at 10:30 am 

Or Printed Copy of Divine Service

If you are not able or prefer not to attend Divine Service yet, please contact Laura at the Church Office at 736-4869 and she will mail you a printed copy of the service.

If you are planning to attend Divine Service, please read through the following to help familiarize yourself with the changes we are making for the service.

Order of Service

  • We are following the suggestion of having shorter services and parts of the liturgy will be omitted.
  • The Divine Service will be printed.
  • To assist in shortening the service, only the Hymn of the Day will be sung at the 9:00 am service, (soloists for the other services).

Holy Communion

  • The Lord’s Supper will be distributed in a continuous line with one person at a time receiving the Sacrament. Or at 6 foot intervals around the altar for the smaller services.
  • There will be staging spots on carpet in the aisle to assist in keeping proper distances.
  • When it is your turn to come forward, pastor will hand you the wafer followed by the cup. Once you have received the elements you place the cup in the receiving bowl and return to your seat.
  • The Dismissal will be spoken after everyone has communed.


  • There will be no coffee or treats served.
  • Please greet each other without touching.
  • We request that people not gather in the Narthex, but can go outside to visit.

Weekly Protocol for Divine Service

  1. Upon entering the Narthex please use the Purell hand sanitizer foam
  2. Offering plates are placed on either side of the entrance to the Nave to receive gifts and tithes. (No purple slips will be gathered)
  3. Please be seated only in open pews with worship materials on them
  4. For the Distribution of the Lord’s Supper pastor will be masked and wear gloves.
  5. Following the service, place any papers you are not taking home in the blue recycling bins as you leave the Nave
  6. Please greet others safely by going outside to visit at a safe social distance

Additional Items

  • While the Restrooms off the Narthex will be open, we encourage people to avoid using them if possible.
  • The Nursery and School addition will be closed.
  • If you wish to wear a mask, please provide your own. You will not be required to wear a mask, as we believe we have sufficient space to accommodate good social distancing.
  • Anyone experiencing any symptoms of sickness, or anyone who has a household member who is sick or showing any symptoms of sickness should NOT attend Divine Service.

I was glad when they said to me, “Let us go to the house of the Lord!”  (Psalm 122:1)

In the peace of Christ,
Pastor Christensen