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From the Pastor’s Desk- January 2021

God Bless Your New Year Even in a normal, usual year New Year’s Eve/Day is a paradoxical and bittersweet holiday.  On one hand it can be a time of rejoicing over the accomplishments and blessing that have come our way over the past year.  And on the other hand, it can be a time of relief that a particularly bad year is over.  It can be a time of sadness as we look back at

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Library Book of the Month- December 2020

The Mercy of God in the Cross of Christ Essays on Mercy in Honor of Glenn Merritt The Church is no stranger to suffering, but she also doesn’t shy away from it! In a variety of timely yet timeless essays, Lutheran theologians look at Christ’s mercy and the way in which He showers healing, compassion and forgiveness on His people. Additionally, within these essays, Christians will also be encouraged to engage in active, joyful lives

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Heaven & Hell

Hell is as real as Heaven but understanding the two can be difficult for us.  Not to mention the number of myths about heaven and hell that the world perpetuates, myths that even some Christians believe. Do people who die to this life actually “watch over us” from heaven.  “My Grandpa is looking down from heaven and smiling.”  Is that true?  Or what about the belief that everyone gets to go to heaven?  What about if they

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