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Latin Titles for Sundays in Lent

   You might have looked at the cover of the bulletin last month and wondered, what is Septuagesima, Sexagesima, or Quinquagesima? Well, you aren’t alone. For the record, Septuagesima means 70 days, Sexagesima means 60 days, and Quinquagesima means 50 days and it is the Sunday prior to Ash Wednesday. These three Sundays are known

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The Church’s Use of Art & Symbols

Many people of our congregation either don’t know, have forgotten, have wondered about or have never thought about the symbols present in our church and their meanings.  Here at Trinity we have a number of excellent furnishings and appointments to help portray the faith and also art and symbols that are useful in expressing the Christian truths

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…a child is born… Isaiah 9:6

The busiest time of year is here again!  We can’t even finish our Thanksgiving dinner before we are diving headlong into the Christmas season.  I’ve been getting “sneak peaks” at a bunch of Black Friday deals for a couple of weeks now and number of the sales began long before Black Friday.  Next was Cyber

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