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For the ninth consecutive year, Trinity is sending volunteer missionaries to remote areas of Canada to lead vacation Bible school for First Nation children in cooperation with Lutheran Association of Missionaries and Pilots (LAMP). The eighteen missionaries, some members of Trinity and some friends and family members from other churches, are divided into the following teams, serving in Norway House and Shamattawa, Manitoba. Please pray for each team member, for safety in travel, and especially for open hearts and minds of the children in these communities, to receive the hope and salvation found only through Jesus Christ and His Word.

Norway House Team 1: Glenda Nordmark, Laurie Drewlow, Milan Drewlow, Judy Maxson, and Liisa Johnson
Norway House Team 2: Andrew Connell, David Schlicker and Esther Schlicker
Norway House Team 3: Myron Drevlow, Nadine Drevlow, Chuck Dale, Char Dale, and Sam Martin
Shamattawa Team:  Leon Dawkins, Lori Dawkins, Karma Schneeberger, Eric Schneeberger, and Dave Schneeberger

The Shamattawa team will depart on Friday, July 14, and Norway House teams will depart on Saturday, July 15. Teams will be commissioned during the worship service on Sunday, July 9, 2017. The teams hope to post daily July 17-23, depending on the availability of internet service.

Shamattawa- Day 10- Sunday- 7/23/2017

Leon Dawkins : July 24, 2017 4:07 am : Lamp 2017 Blog

2017 LAMP Team at Beautiful Savior, Winnipeg


Pizza for All!











Both Norway House and Shamattawa teams together now at our host church, Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church in Winnipeg. Most were up and at it by 7:00 A.M. Dave Schneeberger satrted flipping pancakes early. Most were up and fed by 8:00. Now to pack up, pack the cars and trailer for the ride home. The teams attended Pastor Schnar’s Bible study. The group is studying and discussing the contemporaries of Martin Luther, and how they affected the reformation. After the Bible study time Dave Schneeberger and Leon D. did a short presentation to those coming in to worship service early, as the Bible study in the basement was wrapping up. After worship, the teams spent some time visiting with many of the congregation members, telling them about our time up north. We all stopped for a quick lunch, then hit the road again, heading for the border. Most stopped before the border at the duty free shop for Canada souvenirs. Crossing into the US went without a hitch once again. We made it to Trinity in Fergus Falls after 5:00 close to schedule. Shawn Schneeberger, had pizza and soda waiting for us when we arrived. Thank You Shawn!!! Unpacking went well and most were heading home before 7:00. Thank You to all who came to welcome us home. Thank You! to all who support this mission opportunity in the “North” Praise God for safety in travel, and for opportunity to share the Gospel with our friends in Shamattawa and Norway House Manitoba.

Leon, on behalf of LAMP Teams to Norway House and Shamattawa

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Shamattawa- Day 9- Saturday- 7/22/2017

Leon Dawkins : July 23, 2017 2:24 am : Lamp 2017 Blog


Norway House and Shamattawa Teams–Devotion and Debriefing in Winnipeg

Today, Saturday, we woke up at Thompson Manitoba at Burntwood Baptist Church. 5:30 A.M. it was! Dave said we would need to be out the door by 6:30, and we missed it by 2 minutes. Off to Mcdonalds then for a quick breakfast, then on the road ahead of schedule. We met up with the Norway House teams at about 9:15. Some had breakfast there, then on the road again by 10:00. After stops in Grand Rapids MB, and Ashern, we arrived in Winnipeg at Beautiful Saviour Lutheran Church about 5:18 P.M. A long day on the road. We thank God for safety in travel. A few ladies at our host church prepared a great meal once again for our teams. We are sleeping in the church basement this evening, attending Bible study and worship service Sunday morning before driving south to the border. Our tentative plan is to leave Winnipeg by 1:00 and arrive back home at the church by 6:00 P.M. All for now, please keep checking back as we will try to share more photos day by day.

Leon, Lori, Dave, Eric, and Karma

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Shamattawa- Day 8- Friday- 7/21/2017

Leon Dawkins : July 22, 2017 3:33 am : Lamp 2017 Blog
Friday is our last day in Shamattawa. We will spend the morning still in the packing mode. We will lunch on what’s left in the fridge. Most of the tubs needed to get into storage. We still have Vacation Bible School from 1:00-3:00 today. We were invited to Cornelius and Yolanda’s house after VBS for a visit, but could not stay long, as we needed to get to the airport for our 5:00 flight. Got into Thompson at 6:19 P.M., loaded up the car and headed for the church(Anglican) for supper. We had supper prepared for us by the church ladies. We were joined by two teams from St. Louis Mo. who also just came in from week long VBS sessions in Brochet, and Lynn Lake. Both teams are staying in Thompson tonight, then traveling to Winnipeg Saturday, then home to St. Louis in the next two days. Currently at Mc Donalds in Thompson acsessing the internet. Heading out now for our sleeping arrangements for the night, which are at Burntwood Baptist church in Thompson.

Leon, Lori, Dave, Karma, and Eric.

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Shamattawa- Day 7-Thursday- 7/20/2017

Leon Dawkins : July 22, 2017 3:15 am : Lamp 2017 Blog
Beautiful sunny day so far. All up and had breakfast prepared by Dave. Dave left to go to a funeral on our behalf for Sam Miles, who passed away last week. It is being held at the Anglican Church. This is a member of the community who has lived here his entire life. A grandfather, father, and uncle to many. The story today was the story of Zacchaeus the tax collector that Jesus called down out of the tree and invited himself to his home. We also sang the song about Zacchaeus. The kids played a couple of relay games, and follow the leader, snacks and coloring pages. We spent much of the afternoon organizing and packing tubs and boxes. Friday these containers will go into storage for another 51 weeks until we return next July. This evening we went to the school to use the internet to update the Trinity LAMP Blog, but internet was intermittent so no updated blog again today sorry! Oh well we needed the exercise anyway. The school is a one mile walk each way. Back home again for final packing, devotion, and prayer.
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Shamattawa- Day 6- Wednesday- 7/19/2017

Leon Dawkins : July 22, 2017 3:11 am : Lamp 2017 Blog

The Following

Lori and Farrah











Rose at 7:30 A.M. breakfast by Dave, French toast, green eggs and ham! All went to the store for groceries. Met Mark from MB Ministries at Winnipeg. Mark and Neena Huebert and children are part of a Mennonite ministry. They are doing reading and crafts at the school this week. After returning to the teacherage, Lori and Dave went to see Mary Ann Miles and also looking for access to the rec center building for a movie night that we would like to do this evening. While they were gone our friend Daniel Redhead, one of the community members stopped by for a visit. We usually see Daniel at least once while we are in the community. Next on the agenda was lunch, before starting the VBS. Vacation Bible School today ran from 1:00 -3:00. Once again it was held outside, but today it rained for the first ½ hour or so. Most of us got wet, so had to stop with the opening singing, and put the guitar away. The rest of the time it was just wet on the ground, but the rain had stopped. Lori, Dave, and Eric went to find Chief Jeff to get a form signed for photos of the kids. This evening, we have a movie night set up at the rec building 7:00 movie time. Popcorn will be provided for the kids attending.
Just returned back from the rec center for the movie. We watched a Veggie Tales movie, which did not go as well as we may have liked. Only a few of the kids stayed ‘till the end, some were ushered out early for not following the rules! This activity will not be tried again, anytime soon.
Lesson prep, devotion and to bed.

Leon, Lori, Dave, Karma and Eric

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Shamattawa- Day 5- Tuesday- 7/18/2017

Leon Dawkins : July 22, 2017 3:01 am : Lamp 2017 Blog

Eric and Karma

Up at 7:30, Dave made breakfast. Eggs pancakes, ham. Coffee and apple juice. To the store at 10:00. Back home for lunch and then prepare for the afternoon’s VBS. Started VBS at 1:00 which ran until 3:30. Had many new kids today (34) 13 from Monday were repeats, so 47 total attendees today. After supper we worked on the lesson for Wednesday, planning the puppet skit, and the crafts. We also watched the Joseph the movie version of the Broadway play. The day ended with the evening devotion and prayer. Beautiful sunset tonight. At 10:45, the sky was still light in the west/northwest.

Leon,Lori,Dave, Karma and Eric

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Shamattawa- Day 4- Monday- 7/17/2017

Leon Dawkins : July 18, 2017 12:47 am : Lamp 2017 Blog


Today is our first teaching day here in Shamattawa. We prepared our lesson Sunday evening, before watching a movie together. This morning we went to the Northern store to get some needed items for meals for this coming week. About 11:00 Pastor Dennis, his wife Terri, and Steve, one of the other pilots flew into Shamattawa from Norway House, where they had spent Sunday evening. We prepared lunch for them, and got started with the beginning of VBS before they needed to leave. The weather was lurking out there in their path of flight, so it was imperative that they leave in time. Was good to share time with them today. Our Vacation Bible school had 31 attendees today, with an average age of 9 years old. We had supper together, then headed out to the school to participate with Athletes In Action, a group of 4 from Winnipeg who are here for the week to do some sports days/nights with the teens here in Shamattawa. So now we are at the school using the internet, playing basketball (Dave and Eric). This is the first time for an internet connection since we arrived in Shamattawa, we are thankful for that. The remainder of the evening will be walking back to the teacherage from the school, maybe 3/4 mile or so, working through the rest of the lesson for Tuesday, then our evening devotion probably with popcorn, and then lights out.
Thanks for following with us as we continue to share God’s word with the people of Shamattawa.
Leon, Lori, Eric, Karma, and Dave

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Shamattawa- Day 3- Sunday- 7/16/2017

Leon Dawkins : July 18, 2017 12:25 am : Lamp 2017 Blog

Dave and Leon in the back of the plane!!!!

Up at 6:30, some of us at least. All had showers today, even had hot water. Instant Oatmeal and Cream of Wheat for breakfast. No groceries yet as the Northern Store not open yet. Lori, Dave, and Eric had gone to check out the store earlier to pick up necessary items. Will need to wait until Monday for more supplies. The whole team walked to the Anglican Church at 1:00 for church. No regular church service, but did have a prayer service in the Cree language. After that the 5 of us took a walk to the river where the kids swim in the summer. We were able to talk to many of our former Vacation Bible School students as well as a few we did not know. Also met with Silas Bonner, a young man who may be working with youth programs in the community. After leaving the river, we walked back to #5, our lodging unit, where we were joined by many of the kids. Some stayed around to play with Dave and Eric, then joined by Lori and Karma later. Supper at 5:30 was various freeze dried entrées. Movie night tonight as we try out our computer/DVD/projector combo before using it with the kids. We hit the hay by 11:45 P.M

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Shamattawa – Day 2- Saturday- 7/15/2017

Leon Dawkins : July 15, 2017 8:39 pm : Lamp 2017 Blog
We had breakfast made for us by the ladies from the Catholic Church, amazing food. We were able to get on the road by 8:00 A.M. heading north to Ponton for a rest stop, then on to Thompson, Then a quick Walmart stop, then to eat lunch at the local Popeyes burger restaurant. Great food. To the airport at Thompson to check our bags, over weight of course. One bag may need to come the next day. Our flight leaves in about 30 minutes for Shamattawa, so neeed to sign off now ’till we get internet again.
More Later,
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Shamattawa- Day 1- Friday- 7/14/2017

Leon Dawkins : July 15, 2017 8:03 pm : Lamp 2017 Blog

Ready for the Road

Shamattawa team left Fergus Falls about 9:00 A.M. Friday morning. We drove north through Fargo on I-29, stopping in Grand Forks for gas. We continued north crossing the border into Canada right at noon. We got across the border for the first time in 9 years without being pulled in for an interview. Only an hour from the border, we made it into Winnipeg for lunch. Back on the highway after 45 minutes or so. The road ended for the day after one stop at Ashern for gas. We arrived in Grand Rapids we we spent the night at the Catholic church. We had our devotions just before 10:00, then lights out at 10:30.

More Saturday
Leon Lori, Dave, Eric and Karma
LAMP Team 2017 to Shamttawa

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LAMP 2017 Mission Trip

admin : June 27, 2017 7:57 am : Lamp 2017 Blog
The LAMP (Lutheran Association of Missionaries and Pilots) teams from Trinity Lutheran will be returning to Norway House and Shamattawa, Manitoba for the 9th year to teach the children about Jesus through four separate Vacation Bible Schools. The Norway House team will teach at three separate locations and there will be one session held in Shamattawa. Teams will be leaving on July 14 (Shamattawa) & 15 (Norway House) and will be returning on July 23. Please pray for the 18 volunteers as they prepare and teach, for safety in travel, and for open hearts to hear the saving Word of God through lessons, music, crafts and daily interactions.

You can follow the activities of the teams on the LAMP Blog at www.trinityff.org/2017-lamp-blog. The teams will post photos and updates to the blog when internet service is available.

Devotion booklets are available in the narthex; these are the devotions that the teams will be using the week that they are teaching the children, so pick one up and join us in prayer each day! Thank you to our faithful prayer warriors at Trinity for your spiritual and financial support; we are grateful for this opportunity to share the Good News of Jesus!

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LAMP Blog…………… Coming in July

Leon Dawkins : June 22, 2017 3:19 am : Lamp 2017 Blog

Please follow us as we venture north to Norway House and Shamattawa Manitoba. We travel to these two First Nation communities to spend time with these people that we have known now for almost nine years. We will be teaching Vacation Bible School for five days in each community. As we go north across the border, we will touch the lives of many children and adults. We bring the Gospel, the “Good News” of Jesus Christ.

Please support our ministry there with prayer that His word is received by those that hear it Romans 10:17 consequently,faith comes from hearing the message, and and the message is hear from the word of Christ.

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